Walla Walla citizens’ group to resume community awards

The citizens’ group on April 27 will present “Awards for a Decade” to recognize such projects as well as individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the city’s quality of life and sustainability since 2004, said Dan Clark, a coordinator of the event.

For 15 years following its founding in 1988, Walla Walla 2020 made the annual awards. Certificates of merit, awards and a grand prize were given for projects in residential, downtown and general categories.

The first grand prize winner was The Depot, at 416 N. Second Ave., for its rehabilitation and renovation of the 1914 Northern Pacific Railway station.

The last grand prize awarded, in 2003, was to was to Walla Walla’s landmark Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center, for its renovation of the 1928 hotel and addition of a new conference center.

Clark said a Walla Walla 2020 committee is currently reviewing 20 candidates — buildings, people and organizations combined — for the upcoming awards. Whether the ceremonies will again be an annual event is under discussion, he said.

The ceremony will be held at 7 p.m. at the GESA Power House Theatre. Tickets are free and are available online at www.phtww.com. The Walla Walla 2020 website is www.ww2020.net.