History of 368 South Third Street, Walla Walla, WA


Legal Description:

Lot 8 of Stahl and Cambern Addition to the City of Walla Walla, Washington, according to the official plat thereof of record in the Office of the Auditor of Walla Walla County, Washington.

Title History

Walla Walla was originally laid out by surveyor H.H. Case  in 1859, even before its formal incorporation as a city in 1862, as a one quarter mile square oriented N-S, E-W with its eastern side centered on the point where Main Street crossed Mill Creek (at roughly the point where it does now).  To this original area additional parcels were annexed from time to time, usually bearing the name of the land owner of record at the time the additions were made.  368 S. Third St. is located in the Stahl and Cambern Addition.  In this case, it is only the Stahls, residing at 362 S. Second, who are mentioned in the City Directories as early as1883.

The first recorded property transaction occurred on November 21, 1868 when Henrietta E. Hunter and J.W. Hunter sold an eighteen acre parcel for $2000 to James E. Wyche and Anna B. Wyche.  The parcel was bordered on the north by Birch Street and on the east side by “A.B. Roberts land claims” probably at Second Street.   Shortly thereafter on November 30, 1868 the Wyches sold the property to Joseph Helmuth and Adille Hellmuth.  On July 19, 1870 the Hellmuths sold the parcel to John H. Stahl for $7500.  The property description includes more than land, and reads: “commencing at a stake planted on a line at the west side of Second St., 500 feet south of the southwest corner of Second and Birch….together with all the kegs, faucets, hops, malt, barley, stoves, kettles and implements, machinery, outhouses, one horse, the Brewery wagon and harness and tools for the manufacture, sale or disposition of Lager Beer.”  John H. Stahl died on January 18, 1884.  His wife, Katrina (Catherine) E. Stahl, served as the executor of his estate and successfully took over the brewery business known as City Brewery.

In addition to the brewery, Katrina Stahl evidently was a real estate developer. On August 12, 1897 she sold Lot number 8 in the Stahl and Cambern Addition, a developing residential area, to W.H. Meyer and Louisa Meyer for $800 in gold coin.  No building permits were regularly required until 1907, so City Directories are the main source for dating houses built prior to that date. The 1898 City Directory provides the first listing for the Meyers’ residence at 368 S. Third. Also in the 1898 Directory William H. Meyer is listed as a partner with H.O. Peck in a business known then as “Peck and Meyer: Sporting Goods, Guns, Ammunition Bicycles and Repairs,” located at 27 W. Main.  The business soon became Meyer and Keeney, according to the 1900-1901 City Directory.

City Directories indicate that the Meyers resided at 368 S. Third until 1927. They continued to own the property until 1940 although there were no other residential listings for them in Walla Walla after 1927, when the house became a rental. From 1929-1932, the house was occupied by Earl Murray and Lula A. Murray.  Murray is listed in City Directories as a farmer. The house was vacant in the 1933 City Directory.   From 1935-1939 Alexander  R. Wilson and Maggie Wilson were residents along with Scott E. Wilson, who was listed as a commercial artist in the 1935 City Directory.  On March 15, 1940 W.H. Meyer and Louisa Meyer sold the house for an undisclosed amount to Hazel Board, listed as a widow, who resided at the Stovall Hotel, 223 ½ Main, until 1947 when her address became the house she owned, 368 S. Third.  She resided there until her death in 1984.  The 1941 City Directory lists Oscar, Bertha, and Wilma Weatherman as residents of 368 S. Second. No City Directories were published 1942-1945.  In 1946 Rosemary Board, a student, and Robert and Eula MacGiboney are listed as residents at 368 S. Third.   Robert MacGiboney was listed as a carpenter in the City Directory.

A Quit Claim deed was filed on November 26, 1984 by Paul Board, executor of Hazel Board’s estate, to Paul Board and Judith A. Board, a legal document that included Board’s wife in the ownership of 368 S. Third.  The Boards resided next door at 362 S. Third. Paul Board is listed in the 1984 City Directory as owning PB Auto Sales, Inc.  Judith Board is listed as a CPA at Niemi Holland Scott.  On October 18, 1990 Paul and Judith A. Board sold the house to Gerald O. Fouse and Jelene Fouse for an undisclosed price.  On June 12, 1991 the Fouses sold the house for $57,900 to Michael L. Tow, who was listed then as a single person.  A quit claim deed was filed by Michael Tow for love and affection to Christine Kiss Tow on April 8, 2002.  On October 11, 2002 Christine Tow sold the house to Kevin J. Johnson and J. Cecilia Kjellstrand for $118,000. On August 13, 2007 Johnson and Kjellstrand sold the house to Roger Lizut and Sandra Rokoff-Lizut for $273,000.

Construction of the House

The Walla Walla County Assessor’s Office gives 1900 as the construction date for this house.  No building permits were regularly issued until 1907 in the city of Walla Walla so dating house constructions prior to that time is dependent upon City Directories and other information.  The purchase of the lot for this property was August 12, 1897 by W.H. Meyer and Louisa Meyer, during the construction season, for $800 in gold coin.  Although the first entry in City Directories for the Meyers at 368 S. Third is the 1898 issue, it is probable that the construction was completed in 1897, after the printing of the city directory for that year, which is the construction date that should be used.

The location of this house on S. Third St. is in an area undergoing restoration of many charming homes in an historic part of Walla Walla.

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Interview with Roger Lizut and Sandra Rokoff-Lizut


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