History of 217 Fulton Street, Walla Walla, WA


Legal Description:

Lot 4 in Block 2 of Brookside Park Addition to the City of Walla Walla, according to the official plat thereof of record in the office of the Auditor of Walla Walla County, Washington, in book “C” of plats at page 52.

Title History:

The Brookside Park Addition was platted in 1905 by Lucie Isaacs, the widow of Henry P. Isaacs. Henry P. Isaacs started several flour mills in eastern Washington, Idaho, and Oregon (1858 in Ft. Colville, 1862 in Walla Walla, 1864 in Boise, 1865 in Middleton. ID. 1883 in Prescott. and 1898 in Wasco, OR) Lyman referred to him as “the foremost miller on the Pacific coast” in his History of Walla Walla County (W.H. Lever, Publisher. 1901). He also successfully experimented with almost every variety of fruit and vegetable grown in the nothern temperate zone and was a “booster” for Walla Walla, encouraging rail lines in the valley and introducing the bill at the territorial council of 1885-86 that established the state penitentiary in Walla Walla, Lyman also praises him for establishing reservoirs for Walla Walla’s water system and for “his unflagging energy in endeavoring to meet that primary need of the town. (Lyman’s History of Old Walla Walla County. Chicago: S.J. Clarke Publishing co., 1918, p. 149)

Nov. 7, 1909 – Lucie Isaacs sold lots 3 and 4 in block 2 of the Brookside Park Addition to: W,H. Jones for $3500. (Deed Book 112, Page 449) William H. Jones is listed as a carpenter in Polk’s Walla Walla City and County Directory, but never is listed as living on Fulton St.

April 9, 1910 – W.H. Jones & Ellen V. Jones, his wife, sold lot 4, block 2 of the Brookside Park Addition to Matilda C. Preston, wife of William G. Preston of Waitsburg, for $6500. (Deed Book 121, Page 432. Hereinafter as 121/432) William G. Preston is listed as president of Preston-Parton Milling Co. of Waitsburg in Polk’s directories of 1909-1910  &1910-1911. He is listed as president of Preston-Shaffer Milling Co. of Waitsburg in Polk’s directory of 1912·1913. The price paid by M. Preston, $6500, seems to indicate that a house had been built on the property by W.H. Jones (perhaps personally). W.G. Preston is listed as living at 217 Fulton S1. in the 1910-1911 Polk’s directory. (Jones also sold lot 3 in block 2 for $5500 on May 10. 1910 (121/568)) Other lots in the Brookside Park Addition which were sold in the next few years include lot 13, block 1 for $2000 on March 31. 1911(128/211), lot 9 in block 1 for $3400 on March 12, 1912 (128/444), and lots 9, 10, and 11 in block 2 for $3400 on November II, 1911(126/381). These prices seen to indicate lots without houses in comparison with the prices Jones got.

September 22, 1919 – Matilda Cox Preston sold the 217 Fulton St. property to Thomas B. Courtney for $7400 (146/578). Thomas B. Courtney is listed as a farmer in the City directory.

June 3, 1924 – Thomas B. and Annie L. Courtney sold the property to J.B. and Nellie M. Ball for $6000 (166/75). J.B. Ball is listed as a dealer in second hand goods and as a carpenter in the City directory.

September 27, 1924–J.B. and Nellie M. Ball sold the property to Mary Chenoweth and her daughters, Enid Baldwin and Lola Chenoweth. No price given (166/399).

May 19, 1925–Mary Chenoweth and her daughters sold the property to Clayton H. and Mabel C. Bentley (168/40). Clayton H. Bentley is listed in Polk’s directory as a dentist with his office in the Baker Building.

December 20, 1943 – C.H. and Mabel C. Bentley sold the property to Ralph and Lora Storey (214/490). Ralph Storey is listed in Polk’s directory as a meter reader for Pacific Power and Light Co. in 1946 and 1948 and as a clerk for PP&L Co. in 1949-50.

January 9, 1950 – the Storeys sold the property to Wayne and Dorothy L. Hereford (246/492). Wayne Hereford is listed as an accountant in Polk’s directory for 1951-52 and 1958.

August 31, 1960 – the Herefords sold the property to George H. and Nancy C. Ball (295/233).

Michael W. Smith
March 1994