History of 362 South Third Street, Walla Walla, WA

Title and Occupant History:

Catharine Stahl owned the entire block of 300 South Third Street from the 1870s.

December 15, 1896–Catharine Stahl sold the lot of 362 South Third to John Roberts for $800

December 16, 1899– John Roberts sold to William Dunphy for $900.

William Dunphy lived at 356 South Third.

March 15, 1900–William Dunphy sold to a real estate brokers John and Delia Kent for $1000

May 3, 1900–John and Delia Kent sold to Ferdinanda Horn for $900. (The Horns built the house?)

Robert Horn was a matchmaker at Z.K. Straight jewelers at 5 East Main. Robert Horn had formerly lived at 342 South Third.

August 28, 1933–Ferdinanda Horn sold to Oscar and Mary Austin (Robert Horn died 1933?)

March 9, 1945–Oscar and Mary Austin sold to L.W. Phillips

1946–L.W. Phillips sold to George Zier, a meter-reader for the City.

July, 1964–George Zier sold to James Sampson, an LPN at the Veteran�s Hospital for $11,950.

January 23, 1969– The property was taken over by the Administration of Veteran�s Affairs in lieu of foreclosure. The property was subsequently given to Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan Association on February 8, 1971.

February 11, 1971–Paul Board bought the property for $11, 250

September 11, 1986–Paul Board sold it to Brad and Anne Brandenburg for $75,000.

June 23, 1989–Brad and Anne Brandenburg sold it to Robert Johnson and Susan Pickett for $72,500.


prepared by Susan Pickett