History of 3120 Old Milton Highway, Walla Walla, WA

Legal Description:

Begin in SE corner of SW quarter of SW quarter in Section II, T 6 N, R 35 EW.M., and run thence N 0 degrees 36′ 25″ W., along the E line of said subdivision, 9.90 feet to the True Point of Beginning for this description, continue thence S 89 degrees 01′ 00″ W. along said parallel line, 465.92 feet, thence N 0 degrees 36′ 25″ W, parallel to the E line of said subdivision 169.16 feet; thence N. 84 degrees 25′ 13″ E, 88.93 feet; thence N 4 degrees 59′ 21″ W., 9.88 feet to a point in a line parallel to and 666.88 feet S of the N line of said subdivision, thence N 89 degrees 30′ 00″ E along said parallel line, 377.74 feet to a point 10.22′ W of the E limit of said subdivision; thence S 0 degrees 42′ 30″ E, 182.95 feet to the true line of beginning.

 Title and Occupant History:

December 30, 1892 & February 4, 1896–H.L. Briggs bought land including the property from Sarah Webb paying $1650 for plots of 7 and 8 1/2 acres. (Deed Book 53, Page 138 & 60/374)

December 20, 1905–Francis Hoult bought the 7 and 8 1/2 acre plots described from above from H. L. & Luna Briggs for $3500. (85/629)

Francis Hoult is first listed at R.F.D. I under Rural Residents of Walla Walla County in R.L. Polk’s Directory of Walla Walla City& County in 1909�1910.

February 15, 1908–Hoult grant to J.A. Ross the right to use half the water flowing in flume. The description of the land that Hoult owns is as follows: “Commencing at a point 7 chains & 1/2 links N. of the S.E corner of S.W. quarter of the S.W. quarter of Section II, T 6 N. of R. 35 EW.M., thence N. 22 2/3 rods, thence W. 60 rods, thence S. 22 2/3 rods, thence E 60 rods to point of beginning, containing 8 1/2 acres of land (this seems to be Tracts “A,” “B,” and “C” from the survey you provided me).

March 26, 1908–Fitzhugh Newman and George W. Whitehouse bought land from Francis & Melissa Hoult that included the 8 1/2 acre and 7 acre tracts plus an1 acre tract. (109/569)

The Whitehouse name is on the 8 1/2 acre tract in the 1909 Standard Atlas of Walla Walla County, Washington. Chicago: Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers & Engravers. (Whitman Archives)

June 1, 1912–Marion May Minion, a spinster, bought land that included the 8 1/2 acre tract and another of 3 acres from George W. & Emma K. Whitehouse. (130/109)

April 4, 1923–Mortgage granted to Marion May & Kenneth Hilton by Claude Wilkinson, guardian of the estate of minors Naomi and Glenn Wilkinson. (Mortgage Book 113, Page 521) Marion Hilton is first listed in Polk’s Walla Walla City and County Directory in 1933 at RF.D. I. The last such directory listing is in 1949-1950.

June 24, 1927–Marion May Hilton made mortgage agreement with Claude Wilkinson. (113/521)

April 30, 1929–Marion M. Hilton of RF.D. I, Box 106, got a Certificate of Water Right for irrigation rights from the State of Washington. (181/ 104)

March 12, 1952–Halsey W. and Emma E. Burgess bought the property from Roberta H. Wright, executrix of the estate of Marian M. Hilton. The deed included the 1908 right of way across 5 acre tract “A” from F. Newman (see 109/569), water rights by deed on March 28, 1908, right of way for flume and water to J.A. Ross by F. Hoult in 1908, and 1892 right of way for ditch granted by Sarah Webb to N.B. Atkinson.

The Burgess name is on the 8 112 acre tract in Metsker’s Atlas of Walla Walla County, Washington, 1931. (Whitman Archives)

September 24, 1963–Ramon R & Lorna Ann Ross bought the property from the Burgesses.

September 19, 1966 (filed 4/1/80)–Loyd & Evvonne Harshman bought the property from Ramon & Lorna Ross. (121/208)

May 20, 1993–Kathleen Ann Blunt bought the property from Loyd & Evvonne Harshman. (207/568)

Addendum to 3120 Old Milton Highway

February 10, 1875–189 and 63/100ths acres in the S.W. quarter of the S.W. quarter of Section II, the S.E. quarter of the S.E. quarter of Section 10,lot I of Section 14 and lot 4 of Section 15–all in Township’ 6 N., Range 35 East of the Willamette Meridian was deeded by the United States of America to Frank Chartier. (Deed Book 32, Page 312)

March 27, 1883–FrankChart.ier and Marie Louise Chartier, husband and wife, sold the above 189 ami 63/IOOlhs acres to M. R. Webb for $7100. (32/314)

December 1, 1885–M. R. Webb sold the 189 and 63/IOOths acres to Sarah Webb for $2000. (35/390)

prepared by Michael W. Smith, 3/95