Updating the Walla Walla Comprehensive Plan

Walla Walla 2020’s visioning process helped to set and accomplish so many of our goals. The City’s comprehensive plan serves the same function for city government, and the process of updating the 2007 plan has now begun.

There is a meeting tonight (Tuesday, May 23), starting at 5:30 at the Marriott, where the public can let the City know our priorities. Last night’s Union Bulletin article mentions affordable housing, economic development, and historic development; those topics will be covered at the meeting, but there will be several other stations as well, including environment and natural resources, transportation, utilities, parks, and maybe some more.

If you can attend on this short notice, please do so. If you can’t get there tonight, you can take an online survey—which they’re calling the Walla Walla 2040 Survey! The final date for completing and submitting the survey is May 30, just a week away.