Share your vision for Mill Creek in downtown Walla Walla

millcreekWhat could the City of Walla Walla do to make the most of Mill Creek? You can go to Open City Hall to see conceptual ideas from Washington State University students and provide your own visions and ideas for Mill Creek. Go to Open City Hall and follow the instructions here to participate.


In 2015, students from the Washington State University School of Design and Construction re-envisioned Mill Creek as it flows through town. WSU Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Michael Sanchez, charged his students with coming up with ideas for reincorporating Mill Creek into the fabric of the city. The students’ intentions were to combine cultural, economic, ecological and social aspects of Walla Walla into an alternative way of channeling Mill Creek. Along with accessibility, the designs focus on creating unity in the community and a sense of connection to nature. The students’ designs ask us to consider the possibilities for this natural resource. We invite you to share your thoughts on Open City Hall about these conceptual plans and to share additional possibilities the plans may inspire.

To Participate

  1. Click here to go to Open City Hall.
  2. Under Open Topics, click on “Reconsidering Mill Creek.”
  3. Click on “Go to the topic.”
  4. Click on the “Your Annotations” tab.
  5. Click on the blue word bubbles with the + sign in them to bring up the areas where you can provide input.