Friendly and Enjoyable Opportunity to Make a Difference

There are currently openings on several Walla Walla City committees where it’s important to have people with a long-term and broad vision.

Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee: The committee works to make transportation on foot, bicycle, wheelchair, and transit convenient, safe, and accessible and to assure that street and development projects include facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. One opening.

City Planning Commission: The Commission needs to have members who understand the need (1) to prevent sprawl through zoning and sufficient density to protect agriculture and open space and allow efficient provision of public services; (2) to provide non-motorized transportation ease, access, and connectivity; (3) to assure that development is consistent with environmental protection, including shoreline protection and enhancement; and (4) to keep long-term sustainability and livability in mind when evaluating development proposals. Two openings.

Transportation Improvement Advisory Committee: This committee needs members who understand that “transportation” means more than automobiles, pickups, and speed. One opening.

Public Library Board: Our most important community building (IMHO). One opening.

Water Advisory Committee: Studies and advises on drinking water, wastewater treatment, and storm water issues. Obviously a critical resource. One opening.

If you’re interested—you may find out more about meeting times and fill out an application online at or you may pick up a hard copy at the City Clerk’s office at City Hall (good idea to phone first to let her know you’re coming, 509-524-4348).

Thanks for considering serving on a committee!