Trees, Landscaping and Natural Resources

We wanted a green community, so we established a Trees, Landscaping and Natural Resource focus to help preserve and expand the greenery we already had.

180x180_tree_landscapeThe community now has renewed its commitment to trees and landscaping, with many new tree planting projects undertaken by Walla Walla 2020 and others, a city urban forestry commission established at Walla Walla 2020’s request, a parking lot landscaping ordinance developed by Walla Walla 2020, three new park areas—Heritage, Xeriscapeand Fort Walla Walla Trail—established through our initiatives and fundraising, as well as Walla Walla’s being officially recognized as a Tree City USA


Major Accomplishments to Date:

  1. Mill Creek Recreation Trail planting project organized and implemented, Tausick Way to Eastgate Lions Park.
  2. Xeriscape Demonstration Park at Rose and Isaacs established.
  3. Memorial Park tree planting project organized and implemented.
  4. Eastgate Reclamation Project, tree plantings at Eastgate Marketplace and Kmart proposed and implemented.
  5. Arbor Week 1989 organized (first in over 20 years).
  6. Co-founder Earth Day Coordinating Committee.
  7. Walla Walla High School tree nursery proposed and established.
  8. Washington State penitentiary tree nursery promoted and established.
  9. Perennial cover crop at Tausick Way landfill proposed and established for habitat and reclamation.
  10. Expansion of City of Walla Walla street tree program proposed and established.
  11. City zoning code requirements for landscaping of developments and parking lots, proposed and established.
  12. City Water Resources Committee proposed and established.
  13. Fort Walla Walla Park recreation path and tree plantings proposed and established.
  14. City Urban Forestry Commission proposed and established.
  15. Co-sponsor Live Tree program for holidays.

There’s still plenty left to do!

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Focus Area Chair

Chris Howard