Reduce Junk Mail Campaign

Are you one of those people who chuck the mountain of junk mailings you receive into the recycle bin without even opening them and would be thankful to have them not arrive in the first place? Happy news: a few simple steps can dramatically reduce this needless waste of trees (100 million per year for the over 500 pieces of junk mail each of us receive annually) as well as reduce postal power, recycling costs, not to mention your time.

So take action to stop your junk mail today and share these tips with others who want to “Junk It”:

  • Remove Your Name From Direct Mail Lists

    Go to and register with the National Do Not Mail List free of charge. This company represents many mail order sales companies, and gives you the option of declining all mailings, or selecting which type of mailings you may be interested in receiving and declining the rest.

  • Remove Your Name from Major Credit Bureau Lists

    Remove your name from the lists of the major credit bureaus by calling 1-888-567-8688, or visiting to reduce offers for credits cards or insurance.

  • Do Not Send In Warranty Cards

    The manufacturer warranties the product whether you do or not, and the cards are used to gather names for mailing lists. (Your name is worth anywhere from 3 to 20 cents each time it is sold!). To have your name removed from those lists, write to: National Demographics & Lifestyle, NDL List Order Services, 1621 18th Street, Suite 300, Denver, Colorado 80202.

  • Search Native Forest Network Guide

    Search Native Forest Network Guide for more ways to reduce unwanted junk mail, such as sweepstakes entries and mail arriving at the workplace for addressees for those who no longer work there.

  • Be Patient

    Some companies have their mailers planned way in advance, and it may take as long as 90 days for you to stop getting their mail.

There’s still plenty left to do!

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