Conserve Personal and Community Resources

To Conserve Your Personal Resources and Those of Our Community consider the following:

  • Reduce Product Usage

    Use durable products rather than disposables: shopping bags, napkins, cups, etc.

    Turn off your engine even when you will “only be a moment.” Twenty seconds is the cutting line between when it is efficient to leave your motor running or shut it off.

    Reusing as many products as possible: Take used clothing, furniture, etc. to a local thrift shop.

    Take packing materials and boxes to a package mailing service for reuse.

    Return floral containers to the florist and hangers to the dry cleaners.

    Recycling as many products as possible.

  • Use Curbside Recycling

    Use curbside recycling if you live in the City of Walla Walla and the neighborhood recycling station if you live in Walla Walla County.

  • Visit Walla Walla Recycling

    Take items that are recyclable but not collected through either of the above systems to Walla Walla Recycling at 827 N. 12th; 525-1482.

  • Purchase Environmentally Preferable Products

    Purchase recycled, chlorine-free copy paper. Even the White House stationary now contains recycled content.

    Purchase remanufactured toner cartridges. They are a third the price of new cartridges. Email Sandra Cannon or call 525-8849 for information on local suppliers with quality remanufactured cartridges at best prices.

    Purchase environmentally preferable construction products. Numerous quality products (carpet, ceiling tile, paint, concrete, etc.) are now available on the market at the same price as less environmental/off-gassing materials.

There’s still plenty left to do!

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