The Walla Walla Area Block Watch Council, an open meeting of area block watches and neighborhood associations, has developed the following Code to promote safe, attractive, and responsible neighborhoods in our community. The Code is recommended as a self-evaluation checklist for all residents and property owners.

  • Are My Grounds Well-Landscaped and Maintained?

    a. Does my yard contribute to the attractiveness of my neighborhood?

    b. Is it free of rubbish and litter?

    c. Are there attractive plantings?

    d. Are the sidewalks kept clear of snow, ice and branches?

    e. Do I mow and water as needed?

  • Are Vehicles and Equipment Stored and Operated Properly?

    a. Do I park vehicles only in improved parking areas, not on lawns, sidewalks or planting strip?

    b. Do I enclose or cover any inoperable vehicles?

    c. Do I store any used appliances, building materials, etc. out of sight?

    d. Do I take my garbage can in from the street after it is picked up?

    e. Am I careful that the noise level of all equipment, including stereos, leaf blowers, and motor vehicles, is as low as possible and within legal limits?

  • Are My Buildings Well-Maintained?

    a. Do I remove and replace peeling paint?

    b. Do my buildings have any other visibly needed repairs which detract from the value of other properties in the neighborhood?

  • Am I Responsible for the Behavior of My Children, Pets, Guests, and Tenants?

    a. Do I supervise my children to assure they do not cause damage to others?

    b. Do I pick up my pets’ waste, and keep them from disturbing neighbors in other ways?

    c. Do I take responsibility for the conduct of my guests, including their noise, driving, and parking while in the neighborhood?

    d. Do I monitor the behavior of my tenants to help them be good neighbors?

  • Do I Contribute to Good Communication and Mutual Aid?

    a. Do I let neighbors know how to contact me in case of problems?

    b. Am I willing to help elderly neighbors and those with special needs?

    c. Am I willing to cooperate in neighborhood activities such as tree plantings, crime prevention efforts, emergency preparedness, and other mutual aid?

  • Am I Doing All I Can to Help Create a Friendly, Safe, and Attractive Neighborhood?

    If due to health or other reasons you need help in any of these areas, or for more information on the Good Neighbor Code or other Block Watch activities, contact the Walla Walla Area Crime Prevention Office, 527-9290, 1631 W. Rose (F-615), Walla Walla, WA 99362.

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