History of 922 Bonsella Street, Walla Walla, WA


Property Description (abbreviated):

Lot 1 and 2 and the east half of Lot 3 of Block 9 of Green’s Park Addition.  Parcel No. 360720510913

Construction Date:

Information obtained showed that the construction of the house on this property was begun in 1908 and completed in 1909 for Rowland Hugh Smith and his wife Clarinda Green Smith, whose mother platted Green’s Park Addition on July 22, 1903.

This property is the subject of an article on pp. 10-11 in Volume I of  Walla Walla, Her Historic Homes by Penny Andres.   The 1909 construction date listed by Andres is confirmed by the present researcher by building permit #190 obtained by R. Smith, J.A. McLean, builder, on p. 28 of permits for 1907-1913 for a dwelling at Valencia & Bonsella valued at $9000, an unusually high value at the time.  Additional evidence of this construction date is a deed from T.R. Eastman to Clarinda Green Smith for this property, recorded on May 12, 1908.  Rowland Smith first appears in the 1909-10 directory at this address, and neither he nor his wife is listed in either the 1908 or 1905 directory.

Summary report by Daniel N. Clark, for Walla Walla 2020 Historic Building Project, 11-29-05