History of 41 South Clinton Street, Walla Walla, WA


Title and Occupant History:

January 20, 1864–William H. & Elizabeth A. Patten, husband and wife, sold property in the Northwest quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section 21. Township 21 North, Range 36 East of the Willamette Meridian (including the property in the legal description) to H. P. Isaacs for $2000. (Deed Book D, Page 146, see also Deed Book E, Page 95)

Henry P. Isaacs started several flour mills in eastern Washington, Idaho, and Oregon (1858 in Ft. Colville, 1862 in Walla Walla, 1864 in – Boise, 1865 in Middleton, 10, 1883 in Prescott, and 1898 in Wasco, OR) . W. D. Lyman referred to him as “the foremost miller on the Pacific coast” in his History of Walla Walla County (W. H. Lever, publisher, 1901). He also successfully experimented with almost every variety of fruit and vegetable grown in the northern temperate zone and was a “booster” for Walla Walla, encouraging rail lines in the valley and introducing the bill that established the state penitentiary in Walla Walla.

June 23, 1894–Lucie Isaacs, wife of Henry, quit claim deeded property in the NW quarter of the SW quarter of Section 21, Township 7 N., Range 36 �E.W.M., including the property, to Henry P. Isaacs. (Deed Book 57, Page 311; hereinafter 57/311)

March 18, 1901–Heirs of A. J. Patten, et. al., used a quit claim deed to recognize earlier real estate transactions and to correct the’ records thereof in a grant to the heirs of H. P. Isaacs. (77/258)

November 11, 1901–Lucie Isaacs & Bessie I. Savage sold several parcels of land, including the property, to Grace G. Isaacs, Charolette M. Doheny, Edwin S. Isaacs and J. P. Isaacs. (81/121)

July 6, 1903–Grace G. Isaacs, Charlotte M. Doheny, Edwin S. Isaacs and John P. Isaacs sold several tracts of land, including the property, to the H. P. Isaacs Company, a corporation. (90/546)

August 30. 1907–the H. P. Isaacs Company sold the land described below to Edward E. Rubey (Ruby, letter from Cerrne) for $150: beginning at a point in the E. line of Clinton St. 185′  north of the intersection of the N. line of Hobson St. with the E. line of Clinton St., then along N. line of the premises heretofore conveyed to J. C. Mack, 180, then north to the City Bulkhead line (on South bank of Mill Creek), then westerly along said City Bulkhead line 180more or less to E. line Clinton St., then southerly along E. line of Clinton St, to the place of beginning. (108/618)

Edward E. Ruby was employed by Whitman College from 1903-1930 as a professor of Latin, Registrar, secretary of the Board of Deans, and Dean of the Academic Group. He left Walla Walla in 1930 to become head of the editorial department of George Banta Publishing Company of Menasha, Wisconsin, a post he held until his retirement in 1940. (Walla Walla Union Bulletin January 8, 1950; Whitman College catalogs) He is listed in the 1909-10 edition of Polk’s Walla Walla City & County Directory as a professor at Whitman College with a home at 41 S. Clinton. Ruby is listed in the directories of 1904-07 as residing in Prentiss Hall (the “old” Prentiss Hall that was torn down before the 1926 Prentiss Hall was built). In the 1908 directory Ruby is listed as residing on Boyer Ave. on the corner of Park St.

Construction of the House: the Walla Walla County Assessor’s records list the date built as 1904. The Whitman Archives have the 1907-1913 records of Building Permits for Walla Walla, which list on p. 2 a permit dated October 1, 1907, for E. E. Ruby to construct a two-story frame building at the Clinton Street Bridge. The builder is listed as A. F. Cox. The only question seems to be whether it was completed in 1907 or 1908. The 1908 directory listing would suggest 1908.

October 21, 1909–Allen H. & Fanny K Reynolds, husband and wife, acquit claimed the following property to Edward E. Rubey: commence at 5E corner of lot 6, block 2 in Isaac’s Second Addition to the City of Walla Walla, run W. along S. line or lot 6 to NE corner lot 8, then N. to City Bulkhead and E. along Bulkhead to E. line of lot 6. then to point of beginning. (118/522)

June 14, 1938-Edward E. Rubey sold the property to Robert & Alma Wells Bratton, husband and wife, for 11$1.00 and other valuable considerations. II (Deed #235481)

Robert Bratton is not listed in the 1939 city directory.’

September 6, 1938–Robert& Alma W. Bratton sold the property, including the current driveway provision, to Bruce & Marzelle Anawalt, husband and wife, for $3000. (#238487)

Polk’s 1939 directory lists Bruce Anawalt as the manager of the Van Petten Lumber Company.

July 1, 1941–Bruce & Marzelle Anawalt sold the property to August F. Paetel for “$10 and other valuable consideration in hand paid.” (206/493, #259260)

Polk’s 1941 directory lists .August F. Paetel as owner of the Bur-Bee Candy Company.

April 8, 1969–August F. Paetel sold the property to George C. & Thelma M. White, husband and wife, for $25,000. (330/771, #500859)

Hart’s Walla Walla Residents & Business Registrations for 1970 lists George C. White as vice-president of Bendix Music Appliance Company, Inc.

March 17, 1971-George C.& Thelma M. White sold the E. 13.2 of lot 6 in Block 2, Isaac’s 2nd Addition, lying S. of southerly line of Bulkhead on Southerly side of Mill Creek, to George & Winifred Beito, husband and wife. (340/354, #513952)

February 26, 1973-George C. & Thelma M. White sold the property to Madison R. & Barbara R. Jones, husband and wife, for $29,000. (#527493)

Hart’s 1974 directory list Madison R. Jones as an attorney.

April 23, 1981–Barbara R. Jones quit claim deeded the property to Madison R. Jones as part of a dissolution. (127/1717, #8103063)

August 17, 1983–Madison R. Jones sold the property to David & Margaret Lewis, husband and wife, for $149,900. (#8305943)

David & Margaret Lewis are listed in the 1984 & 85 editions of Hart�s directory as residing at 41 S. Clinton, no occupation is listed.

November 14, 1989–David & Margaret Lewis sold the property to Jess W. Berry and Gary T. Graves. (#8907655)


prepared by Michael W. Smith, 12/94