History of 221 Fulton Street, Walla Walla, WA


Legal Description:

Lot 8 in Block 2 of Brookside Park Addition to the City of Walla Walla, according to the official plat thereof of record in the office of the Auditor of Walla Walla County, Washington, in book C of plats at page 52.

Title and Occupant History

May 23, 1863–John Haley sold 26 and 81/100ths acres in the S. W. quarter of the N.W. quarter of Section 21, Township 7 N., Range 36 East of the Willamette Meridian, including the property, to William H. Patten and Elizabeth A. Patten, husband and wife, for $100. (Deed Book C, Page 112– hereinafter C/II2)

January 20, 1864–William H. and Elizabeth A. Patten sold 80 acres in Sections 20 and 21, Township 7 N., Range 36 E.W.M. to Henry P. Isaacs for $2000 (0/146, see also E/95)

Henry P. Isaacs started several flour mills in eastern Washington, Idaho, and Oregon (1858 in Ft. Colville, 1862 in Walla Walla, 1864 in Boise, 1865 in Middleton, 10, 1883 in Prescott, and 1898 in Wasco, OR). W. D. Lyman referred to him as “the foremost miller on the Pacific coast” in his History of Walla Walla County (W. H. Lever, Publisher, 1901, p 313). He also successfully experimented with almost every variety of fruit and vegetable grown in the northern temperate zone and was a “booster” for Walla Walla, encouraging rail lines in the valley and introducing the bill that established the state penitentiary in Walla Walla. He died July 14, 1900.

August 2, 1898– H. P. Isaacs and Lucie Isaacs, husband and wife, deeded 6 & 7/8ths acres in the S.W. quarter of the N.W. quarter of Section 21, Township 7 N., Range 36 E.W.M., inclUding the property, to the Odd Fellows Lodge of the State of Washington for $1. (69/142, see also 69/139)

June 4, 1903–the Odd Fellows Lodge of the State of Washington quit claim deeded the above 6 7/8ths acres to Lucie Isaacs, et. aI., for $1. (87/554)

February 5, 1904–the heirs of H. P. Isaacs quit claim deeded the aforementioned 6 7/8ths acres to Lucie Isaacs, widow of H. P. Isaacs, for $1. (91/112)

1905–the Brookside Park Addition to the City of Walla Walla was platted by Lucie Isaacs. (Plat Book C, Page 52, Office of the Walla Walla County Auditor, Walla Walla County Courthouse)

March 28, 190B-Lucie Isaacs, a widow, sold lots 7 and 8 in Block 2 to J. L. Elam for $2200, “this deed made on condition that the party of the second part, his heirs or assigns, shall build on said premises. whenever he or they build at all, a dwelling house at an actual cost of not less than twenty-five hundred ($2500) dollars, and shall not build any other building thereon until after he or they have constructed such building at such cost, and a failure to comply with the said conditions shall forfeit all right and title of said second party, his heirs and assigns, to said premises …. ” All subterranean water rights and water were excepted from the conveyance. (99/551)

J. L. Elam opened a bank in 1904 across First Street from the Walla Walla Paper and Stationery Company. He had sold his implement company to the Drumheller Company in 1905 and in 190B sold his interests in the Eagle and Peacock Rour Mills in Milton, Oregon. Mr. Elam also owned a bank in Milton. The Elam bank became The People’s Bank in 1911 …. ” (R. A. Bennett, Walla Walla: A Town Built to be a City. 1900-1919, p. 105)

The 1907 city directory lists J. L. Elam as president of J. L. Elam’s Bank located at the northeast corner of First & Alder Streets and as having a home at 735 Washington St.

July 10, 1907-J. L. and Fanny M. Elam, husband and wife, sold lot 8 in block 2 to Minnie E. Still for $1250. (118/447)

October 22, 1912–David Still conveyed and quit claimed all interest in lot 8 to his wife, Minnie E. Still, for the consideration of $2000, with the intention that the property be her separate property. (129/514)

The 1908 city directory lists David Still as a farmer with a home at 221 Fulton; he is not listed in the 1907 directory. The 1931-32 city directory lists Albert F. Muntinga, a dentist with an office in the Drumheller Building. as well as the Stills, as living at 221 Fulton.

Construction of the House: the Walla Walla County Assessor lists 1900 as the year built, this is clearly in error. Unfortunately, the Whitman College Archives do not have a record of a building permit for David Still; however, the 1908 listing, together with the 1907 purchase price (taking into account the $2500 building cost restriction), suggests a construction date of 1907 or 1908. The July purchase date in 1907 would allow construction in that year.

August 22, 1942–in an Executor’s Deed, Clifford L. Still, as executor of the will of Minna E. Still, deceased, sold lot 8 to I. C. and Lola Bohlman, husband and wife, for the consideration of $10 “and other valuable consideration.” (Deed #267556)

The 1946 city directory (the archives have no editions for 1942-45) lists Bohlman as an owner of the Motel Apts. at 502 Woodland, which is also listed as his residence. . The directory also lists 4 apartments at 221 Fulton.

November 17, 1947-1. C. and Lola Bohlman, Roy A. and Maude E. Briggs, husband and wife, sold lot 8 to Jacob and Esther H. Kessler, husband and wife, for the listed consideration of $10. (#307016)

The Kesslers are not listed in the 1948-52 city directories; the Briggs are not listed in the 1946 city directory.

September 11, 1951–Jacob and Ester H. Kessler sold lot 8 to Annabel H. Sharpstein, a widow, for the listed consideration of $10. (#347755)

Annabel H. Sharpstein is listed in the 1953 directory as the widow of John Sharpstein, as the owner of the Sharpstein Apartments, and as living at 221 Fulton, apt. I.

May 27, 1955-Annabel H. Sharpstein sold lot 8 to Frank J. and Wilberta M. Seeliger, husband and wife, for $10 “and other valuable consideration. II (#379213)

The 1956 city directory lists Frank J. Seeliger as the manager of the Sharpstein Apts. and his residence as 221 Fulton, apt. I.

February 7, 1959-Frank J. and Wilberta M. Seeliger sold lot 8 to Howard E. and Ellen M. Hume, husband and wife, for $15,000. (#458691; see also #450835, Contract for Deed of January 23, 1959)

The 1960 city directory lists Howard E. Hume as the owner and manager of The Howard E. Hume Co., business machines, office furniture, accessories and supplies, at 21 E. Main and as owning a home at 221 Fulton.

July 2, 1979-Notice of Real Estate Contract: Howard E. and Ellen M. Hume agreed to sell lot 8 for $65,000 to John A. Hunter and Laurie Drumheller, husband and wife.

The 1980-82 directories have no listing for John A. Hunter and Laurie Drumheller.

May 11, 1984–Notice of Real Estate Contract: John A. Hunter and Laurie Drumheller agreed to sell lot 8 to Paul D. and Elsie Philo, husband and wife, for $79,900. (#8403396; see also #8704797, Warranty Fulfillment Deed, June 19, 1987, and #920037)

The Philos are not listed in the 1987-91 city directories.

June 23, 1987 –Paul D. Philo conveyed and quit claimed all interest in lot 8 to Elsie Philo; no consideration was listed. (#8708353)

December 30, 1991–Elsie Philo sold lot 8 to Dean and Betty Lodmell, husband and wife, for $67,900. (#9109151)


prepared by Michael W. Smith, 7/96