History of 22 West Main Street, Walla Walla, WA


Legal Description (abbreviated):

23 feet 11.5 inches of lot 7 in Block 2 of the original City of Walla Walla.

Title and Occupant History:

August 23, 1860–H. D. Soper sold “one clapboard house situated in Walla Walla City together with the Lot on which the same is built” being a fraction of Lot No. 7 in Block No.2, said fraction is twenty-three feet nine inches fronting Main street, and “lies between J. Brown’s and Dutros lots” to Joseph L. Shute for $240. (Deed Book B, Page 151, hereinafter B/151)

March 31, 1862–Joseph L. Shute sold 23 feet 9 inches by 120 feet of lot 7 in Block 2, lying between the store of John Silcott to the S.W. and the store of Brown & Co. to the N.W. to James Gardiner for $350. (B/317)

December 6, 1862–J. L. Shute and James Gardiner deeded the lot above to William Phillips. (B/547, see also B/411 and B/402)

July 6, 1874–Pauline Phillips sold 23 feet 3 inches of lot 7 in Block 2 to Wm. O’Donnell for $2600. (L/476)

Construction of the Building: “William O’Donnell ran one of Walla Walla’s early hardware stores. O’Donnell, a tinsmith by trade, arrived in town in 1863 and went to work for William Phillips who owned a hardware store on Main Street. In 1870 O’Donnell opened his own hardware store and by 1874 he was able to buyout his former boss, Mr. Phillips. That same year, 1874, he and his crew of skilled tinsmiths made the first gas lights that lighted the town’s streets. By 1876, business had ben so good that he added a second story to his brick building that had been built a year earlier.” (from Robert A Bennett’s Walla Walla: Portrait of a Western Town, 1804-1899, p. 135; see also pp. 120-121 and p. 139 for photographs of the building.

June 15, 1876–Abraham and Sarah Schwabacher, husband and wife, and Sigmund and Rosa Schwabacher, husband and wife, sold 8 1/2 inches by 120 feet of lot 7 in Block 2 (beginning 84 feet 3 1/2 inches East of the N.E. corner of the intersection of Main and Third streets) to William O’Donnell for $100. (N/359)

November 17, 1892–Grace O’Donnell quit claimed and conveyed all her interest in several parcels of land, including the above portions of lot 7 in Block 2, to William O’Donnell for $1 “and other valuable consideration.” (53/72, see also 53/50)

May 6, 1893–William O’Donnell deeded the property in lot 7 and several other properties to The William O’Donnell Hardware Company, a corporation, for the listed consideration of $1 “and other valuable consideration.” (53/498)

May 2, 1904–The William O’Donnell Hardware Co., a corporation, sold the lot 7 property to Joseph Betz for $1 “and other valuable considerations.” (92/66)

Joseph Betz came to Walla Walla in 1874 and entered the brewery business. He was also active in city politics, being a councilman from 1891 through 1895 and mayor from 1896 through 1900.

June 24, 1924–Petition for Probate of the will of Jacob Betz, deceased (he died November 16, 1912 in Tacoma, WA) was filed; all property was inherited by Augusta Betz, his widow. (Deed #143189, see also #143024)

March 21, 1927 –Harry and Martha G. Betz, husband and wife, deeded the property “known as the O’Donnell Building” to Eleanor Betz for $1 “and other valuable consideration. (#166025, see also the probate petition of decree of settlement and distribution of estate of Augusta Betz, deceased, #166024)

November 5, 1976–A. E. Betz, Jr., sold the lot 7 property to Dr. Byron Friedman and Elaine S. Friedman, husband and wife, Dr. C. Richard Winnett and Arlene M. Winnett, husband and wife, and Dr. Dennis Poffenroth and Sharon R. Poffenroth, husband and wife, for $50,000. (#8700223)

December 10, 1976–ln a Deed and Purchaser’s Assignment of Real Estate Contract: C. Richard and Arlene M. Winnett, Dennis and Sharon R. Poffenroth, and Byron and Elaine S. Friedman conveyed and quit claimed their interests in the lot 7 property to Valley Vision Clinic, P.S. (#560189)

August 31, 1979–Valley Vision Clinic, P. S., a Washington corporation, sold the lot 7 property to C. Richard and Arlene M. Winnett, husband and wife, and Dennis and Sharon R. Poffenroth, husband and wife, for $10 “and other good and valuable consideration.” (#8904384)

March II, 1987–Clarence Richard Winnett quit claimed his interest in the lot 7 property to Arlene Marie Winnett for $1 “and other good and valuable consideration.” (#8702649)

July 2, 1987–In a Purchaser’s Assignment of Contract and Deed, Arlene M. Winnett quit claimed and conveyed the lot 7 property “for value received” to Dennis and Sharon R. Poffenroth and assigned, transferred and set over the real estate contract dated August 31, 1979. (#8904385)

June 28, 1989–Dennis and Sharon R. Poffenroth sold an undivided one�third interest in the lot 7 property to Luther O. Ness for $30,000. (#890482)

June 28, 1989–Dennis and Sharon R. Poffenroth sold an undivided one�third interest in the lot 7 property to Kelly Cochran for $30,000. (#890483)

Occupation of 22 W. Main, 20 W. Main, and 18 W. Main (compiled from city directories in the Whitman College Archives, which begin with the 1880 edition with several years not covered):

22 W. Main:

1880-1901: Wm. O’Donnell, hardware and stoves. The 1881-82 edition lists O’Donnell & Bush, the 1883-84 edition lists O’Donnell & Johnson, and the 1892 edition lists Alfred F. Perry, general contractor, as having an office with Wm. O’Donnell.

1902-04: The Drumheller Co., hardware. 1905: no listing found.

1907-13: The Schwabacher Co. and Gardner & Co., the successors of the Schwabacher Co., are listed at 22-30 W. Main; before 1907 and after 1913, the listing is 24-30 W. Main.

1914: Henry Perrin, cigars and tobacco.

1915: Savoy Cafe, J. F. Tighe, manager.

1916:1918: Tighe & Wann, restaurant.

1919: no directory.

1920-1958: Malcolm insurance companies are listed. The 1920’s directories list Malcolm& Dovey, real estate, loans, fire and life insurance, grain, public stenographer. The 1930s and 1940s editions list Malcolm, George R .. insurance and steamship agency. Later directories list the Malcolm Co. The 1957 directory lists 1: Malcolm Co.; 1958 has Malcolm & Bierwagen Insurance.

1931-37: also lists Moremen’s Barber & Beauty Salon.

 1931-32: also lists John F. Casper, farmer, office.

1935: also lists Moremen’s Beauty School.

1939: also lists Bill’s Shop, barber and beauty shop.

1946: also lists William E. Lee, barber and beauty shop.

1948-85: also lists Byron Friedman, optometrist.

1957 -90: also lists C. Richard Winnett, optometrist.

1959-60: lists store vacant.

1961: also lists Drs. Friedman and Winnett Hearing Clinic.

1962-62: also lists Foley I nsurance Service.

1973-92: also lists Valley Vision Clinic, Dr. Byron Friedman (until 1985), Dr. Richard Winnett (until 1990), Dr. Dennis Poffenroth.

1983: also lists Dr. Kelly Cochrane.

1987: also lists Dr. Luther Ness.

20 W. Main:

 1880-84: Stott & Feldman,� crockery and glassware. (see 1880 advertisement attached.)

1885-88: no directories.

1889-1926: N. Seil, boots and shoes. “Walla Walla: the Garden City,” a “booster” pamphlet circa 1910 (Whitman College Archives) contains the following: N. Seil, Shoes, 20 Main Street. Mr. Seil has been a shoe dealer in Walla Walla for over 30 years and has never departed from the principles of honor in any commercial transaction. He carries a full line of footware for men and women, his specialties including Bannisters, J. E. Tilts, Duttenhofer & Sons Co. and Selby Shoe Co.’s fine footware. It is a strange kind of a foot that cannot find a fit, and an unusual purse than cannot meet the prices at Seils. He carries the best the world makes, has a big trade, employs five reliable clerks and has the most popular repair department in town.” (See bibliographic article and 1889 advertisement attached. Later moved to the Seil Building.)

1927: no listing found.

 1928: no directory.

1929-35: Smith’s Flower Shop.

1936: no directory.

 1937 -39: Western Frock Shop.

1940: no directory.

1941-55: Rosana Shop, women’s furnishings.

1956-62: vacant.

1963-73: Christian Science Reading Room.

1974-88: Linn Buley & Assocs.

1974: also lists Kidder Peabody & Co.

1976-77: also lists Collier Carbon & Chemical Corp.

1978-79: also lists Union Chemical Div.

1980-84: also lists James Eagleson.

1989: address not listed.

18 W. Main:

 1880-84: John B. Lewis, bookseller, stationer & newsdealer. (see 1880 advertisement attached.)

 1885-88: no directories.

 1889: John H. Kelly, wholesale & retail dealer in wines, liquors & cigars. (see 1889 advertisement attached.)

1890-01: no directories.

1892: no listing found.

1893-1926: Charles E. Nye, harness & saddles. In 1893-4 listed as Nye & Spencer; in 1902-05 listed as Nye & Young. Also listed carriage trimmings until 1914 when substituted auto trimming. “Walla Walla: the Garden City, II a “booster” pamphlet circa 1910 (Whitman College Archives) contains the following: Charles E. Nye, Harness, 18 Main Street. The high reputation which this house has established through 25 years of steady growth, making it today the leading store of its kind in our city is its strongest claim to your patronage. To the successful methods, progressive business policy and unflagging zeal of such businessmen as Mr. Nye, our city owes her commercial importance today. Mr. Nye carries a large and standard stock of harness, saddlery and horse goods of all kinds. A specialty is made of carriage trimming and the large amount of business done in this department makes necessary the employment of an expert carriage trimmer, making three men employed in all.”

1926-32: John G. Soper, leather goods.

 1933: vacant.

 1934: no directory.

1935: Western Thrift Stores, Inc., drugs.

1936: no directory.

 1937: Wolf’s Shoe Renewing. 1938: no directory.

1939-76: Clark’s Book Store. 1939-69: also list Cox Printing Co.

 1977: vacant.

1978-85: Foster & Marshall, Inc.

1986-90: Shearson, Lehman Bros., Inc.

1990: also list Hutton, Inc.

1991-92: Tom Estoup.

1991-92: also list Ragen MacKenzie.

Additional information about 18 & 20 W. Main:

Legal Description (abbreviated): East II feet 9 inches of lot 7 and West 32 feet 9 inches of lot 8 in Block 2 of the Original City of Walla Walla.

May 2, 1910–N. Seil filed building permit #773 to add to his store on Main between Second & Third streets (20 W. Main). M. J. McLeod was the builder and $6752 was to be used to add to his store. (Building Permit Book 1907�13, page 96, Whitman College Archives)

April 11, 1916–Charles E. Nye filed building permit #2157 for builder A. Grandstand to add an II I ron Building” at 18 Main as a listed cost of $600. (Book 1913-17, page 74, Whitman College Archives)

January 5, 1953–Reverend Hugh J. Somers, a bachelor, sold the property in the legal description to J. D. Garred for $10 “and other valuable consideration.” (Deed #360696)

June 5, 1971–James D. and Georgia Garred, husband and wife, sold the property to Linn N. Buley for $30,000. (#8004265)

August I, 1989–Linn N. and Marylois Buley, husband and wife. conveyed and warranted the property to Walla Walla Title Co., Inc., “for and in consideration of an income tax free exchange of like kind property.”� (#8904966)

August I, 1989–Walla Walla Title Co., Inc., sold the property to Dennis Poffenroth, Kelly Cochrane and Luther O. Ness for $175,000. (#8904971)


prepared by Michael W. Smith, 11/95