History of 1127 Fern Street, Walla Walla, WA


Title and Occupant History:

March 22, 1889–Joshua C. Isaacs sold 5 5/6 acres, including the property, to W. D. Roberts, Daniel Hedicare, and V. Barker. (Deed Book 42, Page 552; hereinafter 42/552)

May 9, 1892–W. D. Roberts, Daniel Hedicare and, V. Barker sold the 5 5/6 acres to Alexander McDonald for $2200. (52/62)

March 4, 1903–Alexander& Athalia McDonald sold the 5 5/6 acres to Edgar W. Sheets for $2000. (85/304)

Edgar W. Sheets is listed in the 1904 and 1905′ Polk’s Walla Walla City & County directory as a carpenter residing on the west side of Fern Ave. east of the city limits. In Polk’s directories for 1906 and 1908, he is listed as having a home on Fern Ave. between Pleasant and Moore.

July 17, 1905–Edgar& Lucinda M. Sheets sold 2 acres, of the 5 5/6 acres, plus property in Reed’s Addition to James Gilkerson for $2613. (94/567)

June 10, 1907–James& Anne Gilkerson sold the 2 acres to F. R. Bingham for $850. (108/495)

Geo. A Ogle & Co.’s Standard Atlas of Walla Walla County, Washington of 1909 (published in Chicago) shows the 2 acre property with F. R. Bingham written on it at the northeast corner of the intersection of Fern & Bryant Avenues.

Construction of the House: The atlas citation above shows no house on the 2-acre property. Marked F. R. Bingham, usually there ~s a house shown on such properties. Therefore the Van Nattan listing below would seem to be the first positive evidence of a house on the property. Since the 1910 sale is in October, 1910 and the copyright of the 1911-12 city directory is November, 1911, the house was probably build by the Van Nattans in 1911, or 1910.

October II, 1910-F. R.& Lillie G. _”,l3ingham sold the 2 acres to -Henry H. & Alice Van Nattan for $2500. (124/268)

Henry H. Van Nattan if listed as a bookkeeper for “Morrow-Drew Hardware Company in Polk’s Walla Walla City & Country Directory for 1911�”12; Vertie C. Van Nattan is listed as a Post Office carrier. Both are listed as residing in a home at Fern & Bryant.

March 28, 1917-H. H. & Alice Van Nattan sold the 2 acres to W. N; Lonon. (142/367)

W. N. Lonon is listed in Polk’s 1918 directory as a farmer with a home at the corner of Fern & Bryant.

October 10, 1918–W. N.& Nellie G. Lonon sold the 2 acres to T. A. Van Hollebeke. (147/269)

October 8, 1926–1: A.& Effie Van Hollebeke sold the 2 acres to Arthur E. Hunt. (Deed #161584)

White’s 1927 Rural Directory of Walla Walla County lists Arthur E. Hunt on Route 6. Polk’s city directories for 1926-33 list Arthur E. Hunt as a farmer with a home on Fern Ave.

November 15, 1932–Arthur E. & Mary Hunt transferred the property (plus two tracts in Davison’s Home Addition) via quit claim deed back to T. A. Van Hollebeke. (#200483)

December 4, 1942–Effie Van Hollebeke, a widow, sold the property (and the two tracts) to Arthur E.& Mary Hunt for $5000. (#269333)

April 26, 1963–Mary Hunt sold the property described in the legal description to James H. & Nola Margaret Spence. (306/128, #447584)

 prepared by Michael W. Smith, 12/94