History of 10 North Madison Street, Walla Walla, WA

Title and Occupant History:

January 20, 1864–William& Elizabeth Patten sold 80 acres in Section 21, Township 7 N., Range 36 E.W.M., including the property, to H. P. Isaacs for $2000. (Deed Book liD,” Page 146, hereinafter 0/146, see also E/95)

Henry P. Isaacs started several flour mills in eastern Washington, Idaho, and Oregon (1858 in Ft. Colville, 1862 in Walla Walla, 1864 in Boise, 1865 in Middleton, 10, 1883 in Prescott, and 1898 in Wasco, OR)– W. D. Lyman referred to him as lithe foremost miller on the Pacific coast” in his History of Walla Walla County (W. H. Lever, Publisher, 1901). He also successfully experimented with almost every variety of fruit and vegetable grown in the northern temperate zone and was a “booster” for Walla Walla, encouraging rail lines in the valley and introducing the bill that established the state penitentiary in Walla Walla.

June 27, 1899–H. P. Isaacs sold 110′ x 100′ of the property in the legal description to A. J. Gillis for $350. (68/224)

Andrew J. Gillis is not listed in the 1898 city directory, but is listed in Farr & Nicar’s 1900-01 Walla Walla City & County Directory and in Polk’s 1902 Walla Walla City & County Directory as a lawyer residing at Boyer Av. & Madison. In Polk’s 1904 and 1907 city directories he is listed as having a home at 10 N. Madison. In Polk’s 1937 city directory he is listed as the Prosecuting Attorney and a lawyer with offices at 411 Drumheller Building.

Construction of the House: Although the assessor lists the construction date as 1910, since the Andrew J. Gillis listing at Boyer & Madison is the first listing of an owner at the address, the most likely date of construction would be 1899 or 1900.

January 5, 1901–Lucie Isaacs, widow of H. P. Isaacs, sold the other 25′ x 100′ square listed in the legal description to A. J. Gillis. (76/523)

April 1, 1938–A. J. Gillis, widower, sold the property to Margaret Paxton Adams. (Deed #233560)

The husband of Margaret Adams, Walter F. Adams, is listed in Polk’s 1939 directory as a farmer.

July 25, 1951–Margaret Paxton Adams & Walter F. Adams sold the property to Louis & Mildred E. Rebillard. (#360030)

Polk’s 1953 directory lists Louis Rebillard as a representative of the Burroughs Corporation.

July 1, 1957–Louis & Mildred E. Rebillard sold the property to John A. & Barbara H. Gose. (#396312)

John A. Gose is listed in Polk’s 1958 directory as a lawyer in the firm of Gose, Williams & Gose.

July 24, 1961–John A.& Barbara H. Gose sold the property to Erdwin H. & C. Joan Pfuhl for $14,700. (#431917)

Polk’s 1962 directory lists Erdwin H. Pfuhl as an assistant Professor at Whitman College.

July 22, 1966-E. H. & C. J. Pfuhl sold the property to Robert E. & Patsy J. Davidson for $16,698. (#478432)

Robert E. Davidson is listed in Hart’s 1967 Walla Walla Residents & Business Register as a farmer and geologist for the U. S. Corps of Engineers.

January 22, 1970–Patsy J. Davidson sold the property to Michael & Carol A. Boyer for $19,000. (#506564)

Michael Boyer is listed in Hart’s 1971 directory as partner & manager of Boyer Electric & Plumbing.

August 23, 1971–Michael & Carol Boyer sold the property for $23,500 to Thomas L. & Carol Ann Hartl. (#516408)

December 9, 1971–Thomas L. & Carol Ann Hartl sold the property to Lois Gatewood. (#518407)

April  1989–Lois Gatewood quit claim deeded the property to Paul Gatewood “preserving a life estate unto Lois C. Gatewood, the Grantor.” (8902028)


prepared by Michael W. Smith, 12/94